This is the first Hackathon powered by Wodify Technologies. This time, we are partnering with OutSystems  for the project briefing. It will foster the development of technology solutions in the fitness industry and explore the new and powerful mobile capabilities of OutSystems. For more information on OutSystems for mobile, please visit www.outsystems.com.

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We will be live for 14 consecutive hours!

The event starts Friday night, January 13th, at 20:00
and will end Saturday morning, at 10:00.
The event will take place at Lisbon Wodify Offices.

20:00 | Reception
20.30 | Welcome + Wodify Intro
21:00 | OutSystems Welcome +  OS 10 intro by Vasco Pereira,  Sales Engineer
21.30pm | Pizza & Beer
22:00pm | Hacking

07.00 | Breakfast 
09:00 | Presentation (10min/team)
10:00 | Award ceremony & Prizes







Welcome + Wodify intro

OutSystems Welcome + 
OutSystems 10 intro by Vasco Pereira,  Sales Engineer

Pizza & Beer






Presentation (10 min/team)

Award ceremony & prizes

Learn everything about OutSystems!


Fnac Voucher 900€

(each member of the team will also receive)

• 1 OutSystems Certification;
• 1 OutSystems Secret Basket;
• 1 extremely good bottle of wine
picked by Wodify’s Sommelier.

Fnac Voucher 450€

(each member of the team will also receive)

• 1 OutSystems Certification;
• 1 OutSystems Secret Basket;
• 1 very good bottle of wine
picked by Wodify’s Sommelier.

Fnac Voucher 150€

(each member of the team will also receive)

• 1 OutSystems Certification;
• 1 OutSystems Secret Basket;
• 1 pretty good bottle of wine
picked by Wodify’s Sommelier.

Meet the Jury

The best of the best.

We will have experts that will help you understand the challenge. They will be available for support and they will be judging your project. Meet them below.

  • Nicole Fasolino, VP of Marketing at Wodify
  • Pedro Girão, Wodify’s Engineering Manager
  • Rodrigo CoutinhoOutSystems, Co-Founder and Head of Product Design
Nicole Fasolino
VP of Marketing
Pedro Girão
Engineering Manager
Rodrigo Coutinho
Co-Founder and Head of Product Design



1. Who can participate?

Everybody. We invite anyone that is inspired and likes a challenge. Wodify Hackathon is for programmers, engineers, designers, and creative people who have the ability to develop technological solutions to push our industry and ideas into the future. The teams should preferably be multidisciplinary, and we recommend that you already have some knowledge of OutSystems 10, the latest release.

2. Can I participate even if I don’t have a team?

Yes. Participation is team-based.  But, don’t worry! We can add you onto team.. The teams will have a maximum of 3 people per team, minimum of 1.

3. How do I apply?

Please visit hackathon.wodify.com. By visiting the Hackathon webpage you can fill out the form and apply. Applications will be evaluated for selection and must be submitted by January 12th at 23:59pm.

4. Is it mandatory to use OutSystems?

Preferable, but not mandatory. You can use all of your creative ideas and unlock the potential of OutSystems. Or you can use your own technology if that’s your competitive edge. The use of OutSystems will give you extra points during evaluation.

5. What is the theme of this hackathon?

Sports, fitness, technology, and mobile apps.


1. What are the evaluation criteria?

Innovation of the idea. Using OutSystems creatively. UI/UX experience. Usability. Is the solution technological and innovative? Is the prototype functional? Is there potential in the presented project? Is there a possible business model for the product? Those items can be key factors when evaluating the projects.


1. What should I bring?

Bring your own computer and any other equipment you might need. Teams will have access to Wi-Fi and to Wodify offices. We have some pretty cool offices, and they will be the perfect place to inspire you for this marathon. There is a kitchen, foosball table, playstation, a vertical garden,  a comfortable lounge with food, wine and beer, and working rooms. We will serve quick meals throughout the whole event. So don’t worry about a thing.

For additional information,
please visit the regulations page.

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for the first Wodify Hackathon!

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